Friday, May 14, 2010

course 2010: digital regionalism

paper's subject: 
The suggested index of concepts is endless and open. Everyone can upload a concept of his/her interest that he/she wants to research. The paper should examine at least one central concept and connect it with others of a similar content. The text should be at least 2000 words (maximum 5000 words). An abstract of 150 words (max), written in English must be submitted. The topic of the paper could be the analysis of a central concept, or could be the main concept of a general problematic, thus revealing an aspect of this concept. Otherwise the topic of the paper could be the documentation of interconnected concepts starting from the central concept. We can assume that the statement would reveal issues that are related to the space and if possible to its technological dimension (not technical), even if it is not central to the developed thoughts. Bibliographical references are necessary. It is possible to choose for each concept an image that temporarily refers to it. (the final result is evident that is common and will be presented in a website)

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